December 18th Superintendent Letter to Families

Kathryn M. Crowley
Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Celeste Bowler, Asst. Supt.
Dr. Sandra Forand, Asst. Supt.

December 18, 2020

To our East Providence Families,

We have another update for you based on the most recent information we have received.

The Rhode Island Department of Education, supported by the Department of Health, has released new guidance on virtual versus in-school schedules. The Thanksgiving holiday created a surge in COVID cases that resulted in a number of required quarantines and isolations for staff and students thereby disrupting schools. The recommendation of the Department of Health is schools continue virtual learning through the first week of January and reopen on January 11, 2021. East Providence schools will be following this recommendation.

This is usually a very joyous season as different religions celebrate their holidays. It is a season of large family gatherings and gift exchanges. Sadly, this year, due to the dangers of COVID, the best gift we can give each other is to forego the large family gatherings – getting together only electronically. We want all of our children and their families with us for a long time to come so please be safe during this holiday season.

May you and your families enjoy everything that can be enjoyed during this holiday season. The East Providence educators offer their best wishes and are looking forward to seeing your children, their students, as soon as it is safe to
do so.

Thank you, once again, for all that you do as partners in educating our East Providence children.


Kathryn M. Crowley
Superintendent of Schools

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