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Main Number - (401) 383-2224
Attendance/Registration – EXT 30011
Building Rentals – 30011
Business Office – 401-383-3702
Curriculum – EXT 30033
ESL – 401-270-3917
Human Resources – EXT 30022
Special Education – EXT 30041
Superintendent – EXT 30002
Maintenance - 401-435-7841
Transportation – EXT 30021

High School – (401) 435-7806
Career Technical Center – (401) 435-7815
Martin Middle School – (401) 435-7819
Riverside Middle School – (401) 433-6230
Hennessey – (401) 435-7831
Kent Heights – (401) 435-7824
Myron J. Francis – (401) 435-7829
Oldham Pre-K – (401) 433-6209
Orlo Avenue – (401) 435-7834
Silver Spring – (401) 435-7836
Waddington – (401) 433-6235
Whiteknact – (401) 435-7828
Pre-K at Martin Middle School – (401) 270-5401

Click here to visit the EPSD Phone System Directory (Requires district Google Login)
2019-20 School Bus Routes
2018-19 Private School Bus Routes
On occasion, bus schedules could be adjusted.
Safe Stop is a Mobile App for Parents and Guardians. Know where your student is at all time (regular transport, inclement weather, traffic delays). The App will allow you to securely keep track on your phone, laptop, or tablet.
If you would like more information regarding bus schedules please contact the East Providence School Dept. - Transportation Office - 401-383-5797.


East Providence school bus transportation will always center on providing safe, responsible and effective transportation for our students. We currently service eligible students to twelve East Providence Public Schools, twenty-six private and parochial schools, and twenty-six outside special education placement schools in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Transportation Announcements

  • This year starts off green . . . We have a new fleet of eco-friendly buses ready to roll on Sept 1st.
  • Safe Stop is a Mobile App for Parents and Guardians. Know where your student is at all time (regular transport, inclement weather, traffic delays). The App will allow you to securely keep track on your phone, laptop, or tablet.IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE!   Sign up at
  • Transportation Appeals: Can be done on line. Follow the link below.

Eligible Riding Distances

Early Learning Center at Waddington Door to Door - All Students receive a bus Grades K-5  Students must live further than 1.0 mile from school Grades 6-8  Students must live further than 1.5 miles from school Grades 9-12  Students must live further than 2.0 miles from school


Transportation appeals may be submitted for valid medical reasons, or for reasons of hardship. Supporting documentation, such as but not limited to a physician’s note, executed release of information, and any other documentation the Superintendent and/or his or her designee deem appropriate Proof of Residency is required. Please see list of allowable items that can be used. 2019-20 Transportation Appeal Online Application 2019-2020 Transportation Appeal - Paper Form

Private/Parochial/Charter School Transportation

Transportation requests must be completed and submitted no later than July 12, 2019 Residency Verification is required annually, and must accompany the Request Form

Bus Discipline

Bus Discipline Procedure

Registration Information

We would like to welcome you and your child to the East Providence School Department. We are all excited to be part of your student’s academic future.  Please come to City Hall, 145 Taunton Ave. Rm. 302 to register your child. We have included the required list of documents you will need on this page. Requirements for Registration
  • ONLY the Parent/Guardian must register the child;
  • Child's Birth Certificate
  • Health Records (Proof of Immunizations)
  • Prior School Records (transcripts, report card, 504, IEP)
  • Residency Verification (See note below and Residency Procedures)
The East Providence School Department requires that all parents and/or guardians provide current residency verification for students enrolled in their community public schools on an annual basis. Residency verification requested is a copy of a current lease agreement, or mortgage statement - both of which requires the address to be visible on the document. In the event, you do not have either a lease agreement or mortgage statement, and may be residing with extended family, a  Residency Affidavit must be completed. The Affidavit is a legal document which is completed by the owner of the address you reside at, and confirms you and your child(ren) are presently living at the premises. Please contact your child's school or Central Office Registration (401-383-5745) with any questions you may have regarding the verification process.

Parental Requests for a different school have been allowed in the past. This year, while requests can be submitted, the priority is to maintain all students in their home schools. By doing so, neighborhood friendships and communities are strengthened.
Requests will be taken until June 25th, at which time they will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Parents will be notified in August if the request has been granted.
NOTE: Parental requests are not eligible for bus service.  

Click Here for the 2019-2020 Street Directory by School  

PRE-KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION - For students accepted into the State Funded Pre-K Program
Pre-Kindergarten Registration Packet  

Click Here for Important 2019-2020 Kindergarten Information.
Kindergarten Registration Flyer
Kindergarten Registration Packet
Registration Forms Registration Forms (English) Registration Forms (Portuguese) Registration Forms (Spanish) Home Language Survey

Health Forms

Current Health History Form (English) Current Health History Form (Portuguese) School Entry Immunization Requirements School Entry Immunization Requirements (Portuguese)

Residency Forms

Requirements for School Registration Residency Affidavit

Parenting Partners Program

We know that parents play an important role in their child’ success in school. Therefore we invite parents to partner with our schools in order to help improve academic, social, behavioral and emotional success for their children. The East Providence School Department is happy to announce a parent engagement program called “Parenting Partners”. This program will currently be offered at all Title I schools. A team of educators at each building has been trained to organize and facilitate workshops for parents/guardians. Each session lasts 8 weeks and covers a different topic. The sessions will be ongoing so everyone who would like to participate will get a chance over the course of the school year. The list of topics covered at each 8 week session includes: • Positive Parenting: Success Starts at Home • Creating Confident Kids • Communication That Works • Creating Structure for Agreement • Discipline - Practice for Success • What Children and Teens Need to Know • Parents Involved for Academic Success • Parent Graduation Ceremony! You will receive notification from the team at your child’s school regarding when the session will be offered at each particular school. We hope you will join us in this important partnership!   Programa de Asociacion Para los Padres Programa para Pais Click here for more information about Parenting Partners
Dear East Providence Families,

Research shows that over the summer students can lose many important skills while away from the classroom. This is called the “summer slide”. In order to make sure your children are ready for next year, please use this on-line resource to provide summer learning opportunities at home and/or at your public library.

We hope you and your family have a wonderful summer!

Click here to access the K-5 Summer Activities Guide

The East Providence School District is pleased to announce that we have revised our elementary report card for all students in kindergarten through grade 5.

We believe that this standards-based report card will provide families with more detailed information regarding your child’s progress towards grade level goals.

Standards Based Report Card Resources

Join thousands of RI families in helping your children have a bright future.

Participate in Child Outreach!



Who?    For children 3--5 years old who are East Providence residents
What?   Vision, Hearing, Speech/Language & Social/Emotional Development
James R.D. Oldham School
60 Bart Drive, Riverside RI 02915

When?    The first Monday and Tuesday of every month (October through June); by appointment, call:  401-433-6209
Why?     To receive information about:
  • your child’s development
  • resources available in your schools and community

Together, let’s watch and help our children grow!

Click here for more information

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