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Word of the Week

Thursday, December 13th

Think about it Thursday!

How would you want others to describe you? How do you want to be remembered?

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Martin Girls basketball earned there first win of the season in a close game over Jamestown Middle School 26-24. The Wildcats were led by Amari Johnson and Alaysia Fontaine on Defense. Zoe Clark led the team in scoring with 10 pts while Amaya Ingrahm aided with 8 pts and Kiera Quadros with 4pts. Martin has their next game Tues at Gaudet Middle School.

Go Wildcats!!!

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Attention Parents/Guardians of Martin Middle School Students:

There will be a new after school program offering for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students beginning December 13th, 2018.

Does your child enjoy creating things? Would he/she benefit from a relaxing after school activity? Would your child like to give back to the community? If so, then the Crochet Program may be for them!

Crochet is “a handicraft in which yarn is made up into a patterned fabric by looping yarn with a hooked needle.” With crochet, you can create anything from hats, to sweaters, blankets, scarves and more. In this after school program, students will learn basic single and double stitch, and will have the opportunity to work together to create either scarves which will be donated to goodwill, or lap blankets, which will be donated to hospice. Students will also be able to take these skills home and create things for themselves, their families and their friends.

Crochet will be held on Thursdays after school from 2:30-3:30 in room C3 and will continue for 6 weeks (Holiday Recess week not included). The dates are as follows:

December 13th
December 20th
January 3rd
January 10th
January 17th
January 24th

Please indicate below whether your child would like to join the program, as well as their transportation situation. Thank you, and I look forward to working with your child!

Mrs. Kelley (fomerly Ms. Thomas!) Room C3
Numeracy Teacher

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Word of the week

Wednesday. December 12th

Today is Wildcat Wednesday!

How would you describe Wildcat pride?

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WORD of the Week
Tuesday, December 11th

We are continuing our focus on our word of the week describe.

Our teachers describe Martin Middle School community as a family because we support each other no matter what. How would you describe your family?

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WORD of the WEEK

Monday, December 10th

This week we are kicking off our words of the week with the word describe.

Describe means to tell in your own words.

How would you describe Martin Middle School to someone who has never been here?

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Martin Middle School students and teachers will be focusing on a WORD of the Week. Academic Vocabulary is an area we want to improve in as a school, so our entire community will be emphasizing these words with OUR KIDS each week. Please look for updates on our school website as well as this Facebook page and continue to talk to OUR KIDS about using these words.

This week's word of the week is DESCRIBE: Describe means to tell in your own words.

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Friday Focus

“Seven things every child needs to hear: I love you, I’m proud of you, I’m sorry, I forgive you, I’m listening. This is your responsibility. You have what it takes to succeed.” Sherrie Campbell, PhD

Message from a friend

This message below is from a friend of mine who works tirelessly to support kids and helps with their social emotional needs. This is a great reminder around this time of year. “As December comes and the end of the calendar year winds down, as educators we begin to get excited about our vacation plans. We may begin to daydream about enjoying the holidays with our family or maybe vacationing somewhere fun. However, for some of OUR KIDS this is not the case. I will never forget a conversation I had with a friend of mine. It was close to the holiday vacation and the students were showing disrespectful and defiant behaviors more often than usual. I was at a place of complete burnout and frustration. I could not figure out why some students, whom I have done so much for could be so rude and hurtful towards me. My friend explained it to me like this, everyone has a bucket and every time someone hurts them, or neglects them it punctures a hole in their bucket. Some people have time in between these traumatic events to heal and mend the holes in their buckets, or they learn coping skills that help them patch up the holes in their buckets. However, in many cases the tragedy and traumatic events happen so often that there is no way they can patch the holes. With that said, no matter how much you give or how much love and support you show, the bucket will never stay full. They never feel complete and are always in need of more. It is important to not take things personally as educators, our students need us to keep filling their bucket regardless what their behaviors are telling us. Enjoy these next two weeks with OUR KIDS!”

As we all know many of OUR KIDS become anxious before a school vacation, but why is this?
No one may be home to help them learn.
There may be no food in their home.
Maybe they feel no love in their home.
Will they have to take care of their siblings?
They may not be doing anything fun, like their classmates?
Some of OUR KIDS may be afraid to leave the structure and support they have here at Martin?
Is Martin Middle School their safe place?”

Let's do everything we can these last two weeks and make life special for OUR KIDS!


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6 days ago

Edward R. Martin Middle School

Look out world here are the WILDCATS!!!

OUR KIDS went on a college visit to the University of Rhode Island.

We are planting those seeds as the entire 8th grade class including their teachers visited campus!

Thank you to our Guidance Team and teachers for organizing a wonderful experience. We are ALL working hard each day to improve outcomes for OUR KIDS at Martin

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Dear Martin Families,

Lifetouch will be at Martin Middle School for School Picture Retake on Wednesday - 12/5/2018.
The retake forms went home with students.
If you are interested, then please complete the form and return it to school on Wednesday 12/5/18.
Retake pictures will take place in House A
Please contact MMS with any questions.

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