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2019-2020 School Supply List

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Audubon Camp Flyer 2019

FYI ...

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For your Information! Stay healthy & safe! 😃😃.

1. Distance Learning parent guide.

2.Message to Parents.

3.Meal pick up bus schedule

Attached for your Information.

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For your information! 😃😃keep smiling.

In addition to the lunch program provided by EPSD, the Boys and Girls Club has partnered with the Elisha Project and will be providing meals (regardless of membership or not) to families next week. They believe they will be able to provide at least 100 and up to 200 meals with a possibility of more. People in need can either email the club at or call 401-500-5883.

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The East Providence School District has been preparing to enable teachers and students to continue instruction during school closure to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Additional information will be released by principals and teachers on how to receive, perform, and submit assignments in the coming days if the closure is extended past this week.

Many of the assignments will include online components which can be done from most computers, laptops, or tablets with Internet access. We at the East Providence School District understand this is not available to everyone from home. To enable those families who do not have a device for their school aged children we will have an optional Chromebook pick up available this week.

Chromebook Pickup will be at Martin Middle School Gym (111 Brown St. East Providence)

Please see all details below, no exceptions will be made:

1. If you already have a device at home for the student to use, please do not pick one up. Students can and should use their own devices or family device if they have them.

2. For K-12 students registered in the East Providence School District

a. Individual picking up the device must be on the Approved Pickup/Emergency Pickup list for the student in our student information system (Skyward)

b. Individual picking up for the student must show government issued photo ID

3. The family will be required to return the device to the designated location after school resumes

For everyone’s safety, please follow these rules for pickup:

4. Only come at the allotted time for your school (see below)

a. If you have children in multiple schools and need multiple devices, you may pick up at the same time

5. Police and School Resource Officers will be present to allow no more than 10 people to enter the building at a time.

a. If you see a line forming, stay in your car until the queue is gone

b. If the parking lot is full, please wait for a resource officer to direct you to an open parking spot. Do not park and walk over

6. Please have your ID ready when you enter the building.

Chromebook pickup times for families that do not have devices available at home:

Wednesday 3/18

9am - 11:30am Myron J Francis, Kent Heights and Silver Spring

12:30pm-3pm Waddington, Orlo and Whiteknact

6pm-7:30pm Above schools (unable to come during the day)

Thursday 3/19

9am - 11:30am Hennessey and Riverside Middle School

12:30pm-3pm Martin Middle School

6pm-7:30pm All Schools (unable to come during the day)

Friday 3/20

(9am-2pm) East Providence High School

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The school department will be distributing lunches at the below listed locations and times. ...

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Message from Superintendent Crowley:

The Governor of Rhode Island has directed all schools to move April vacation to next week and has closed all schools in Rhode Island for next week. School districts will be working on their virtual learning plans next week for the potential implementation of the plan for the following week and any potential future school closures. East Providence schools will be closed next week and further updates will follow.

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What a great event! Loved seeing all the projects,children & families!!!! 🤗🤩😃😃😃😃 ...

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🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 ...

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The Kent Heights’ Best Buddies’ audition for the NBC 10 Sunrise Shout Out. Keep your ears and eyes out at 5:30 A.M. each morning... fingers crossed we get chosen!! ...

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