Letter regarding vaccines for East Providence students and families ages 12 or older

Department of Health

Three Capitol Hill Providence, RI 02908-5097

TTY: 711

The Rhode Island Department of Health partnered with municipalities to establish Closed Points of Dispensing (PODs) for COVID-19 vaccine administration for schools’ grades level K-12. As Closed PODs, they are only be accessible to specific lists of individuals from these schools.
At this time, we are inviting students and families from your school to register to participate. In order to be vaccinated at these PODs, individuals must register beforehand – walk-ins will not be permitted.

The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine will be administered at these PODs. Information on the Pfizer vaccine can be found here: https://www.fda.gov/media/144413/download

In order to be vaccinated at these PODs, individuals must meet the following requirements:
• Be a student or family member of a student that attends school in East Providence (public or private)
• Be 12 years of age or older.
• Have parental consent if less than 16 years of age

Only individuals who meet the above requirements and show corresponding identification will be allowed entry to a POD. Please do not forward these links to anyone. While it may be possible for non-eligible people to complete the registration, they will be turned away at the door an unable to get vaccinated at these events, and they will have delayed vaccination for a priority group member.

K-12 School Students and Families
Date Location Time Registration Link

Friday, May 21, 2021 Martin Middle School
111 Brown Street
East Providence, RI 02914

Wednesday, May 26, 2021 Riverside Middle School
179 Forbes Street
East Providence, RI 02915

In addition, anyone age 12 and older can make an appointment at another site or on a different date at: https://www.vaccinateri.org

Internet Explorer does not work to access the registration links. Links must be copied and pasted into another browser. Registration for most events close when full or at midnight two days before the event.

East Providence Emergency Management Agency

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